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Kat Brady

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Music & Art

Both music & art has been a cornerstone of Kat's life since their childhood. These endeavors have taken central stage at various times in their life and inform everything they do.

Deer Friend

A musical collaboration with my partner Sarah Rayne that blossomed during the long months of 2020. Our sound blends everything from country to pop to electronic dance music while maintaining a purely acoustic instrumentation. Sounds are created from a wide range of instruments including guitar, cajon, buffalo drum, tongue drum, shruti box, and metalaphone.

Our first EP, "Portals", came out in March 2023 and in August of that year we played our first music festival in southern Washington state.

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Reiki Sound Baths

Alongside their partner, Sarah Rayne, Kat offers Reiki Sound Baths in the Portland Metropolitan area on a regular basis. In these events Sarah and Kat direct their musical talents toward create a sound & healing experience that will support you in gentle relaxation, nervous system soothing, and an energetic cleansing & reset. These events also include a brief guided Qigong self-massage, guided meditations, and hands on Reiki healing.

They are hosted most months. Follow the link below for more information.

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Kat's Art Portfolio

Kat Brady is an artist who primarily uses technology to create interactive pieces that give the ownership of the role of creator to another. In most of their works, Kat seeks to make the viewer an inseparable aspect of each piece. Among the places they has shown include the Whitney Museum in New York City, Virtual Switzerland at Basel Munsterplats, and the FACT Museum in Liverpool, England.

I Don't Get Rothko (2015)

"I Don't Get Rothko" is named after the original folder in which I placed screenshots of pieces of art that a tiny program I birthed created. The art is no more mine than my art can be claimed by my parents. This program is not the piece but the artist themself. Can art be made by a soulless configuration of code? My digital child's works are my answer to this question.

The screenshots of these pieces were placed on Tumblr as exhibition and can still be found there.

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SkywriteAR (2013-2016)

The SkywriteAR series was created in collaboration with Will Pappenheimer for a variety of venues around the world. The pieces in this series give the viewer the ability to create "sky-written" messages and drawings in virtual airplane trails for their visions, thoughts, and concerns. Sketching vapor lines hundreds of feet or meters above the cell phone viewer, signs and sentences stretch for half a mile and can be seen by others from afar.

You can find out more about the series at Will's website. Also, check out all of Will's art. He's amazing.


A Portrait of Family, Love, and Relationships (2012)

An interactive, non-linear documentary that explores how romantic and familial relationships influence each other. Based around events in the artist’s life, the piece uses short clips of interviews of their immediate family, their mother’s immediate family, and an old flame. The interface is presented as photographs which may be held up to a picture frame to cue up these clips.

The subject matter juxtaposed various family stories about romance, the artist's anxieties about revealing certain information to their family and their ex-partners anxieties about his own coming out process. The non-linear progression through the subject gave each viewer a slightly different take on the bigger picture.

For personal reasons the piece no longer exists.