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Kat Brady

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Qigong is a Chinese movement, breath, and meditation practice that helps to regulate your body's Qi, harmonize your organs, and open you up to the divine energies of the universe. Kat is certified by the Ling Gui Internation Medical Qigong School to teach the form 1000 Buddha Hands. No experience required. Each class will be crafted to be accessible to beginners and long-time Qigong students alike.

The Eight Treasures Qigong // 5-class Online Series

The Eight Treasures is one of the oldest and most well-known Qigong forms from China. This form was originally developed to heal the joint disorders that monks would develop after long years of sitting in meditation. The 8 movements of this form gently stretch and strengthen the connective tissues of the body while activating and regulating the acupuncture channels.

In each class of this 5 part series Dr. Kat Brady, LAc., will slowly go through each of the 8 parts of this form while weaving in Daoist and Chinese medical wisdom that will bring each movement alive.

Instruction will include possible modifications to each movement to suit your body regardless of your movement ability or flexibility; modifications involving a seated version of this practice can be taught upon request. The Eight Treasures form will be complemented by other Qigong practices including shaking, self-massage, and mantra to heighten your practice.

Dr. Kat Brady, LAc., is certified to teach The Eight Treasures by the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong school under the instruction of Master Liu He. While many Qigong lineages practice a form of the Eight Treasures, the Ling Gui version is unique in its beauty and deep connection to Daoist practices.

No experience in Qigong is required for this class. The Ling Gui variation of the Eight Treasures form is an amazing form for both beginners and long time practitioners alike.

Classes will be taught online over Zoom. It's advised to find a quiet place to practice where you will have room to move around. Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in are recommended.

Please inform Kat of any health conditions that may impact your ability to perform the movements in this class.

This class will take place on Tuesday evenings for 5 weeks, from 3/26 - 4/23, beginning at 6:30pm PT // 9:30pm ET. Replay video will be available for missed classes.

Exchange // $80 - $120 sliding scale for 5 classes

*Pre-registration required

Sign Up: https://firebird.as.me/online-qigong

*A few lower cost scholarships are available for those with financial need, with priority given to BIPOC. You can apply here: https://forms.gle/uUMTuavNKXfBFwpD7


Morning Qigong at Jaja Circus

Join me for some nourishing morning Qigong every Wednesday at 8:30am at JajaPDX hosted by Jaja Circus School. This offering is part of a morning Wellness series that include Tuesday morning Yoga and Thursday morning breathwork.

Classes begin the first week of April 2024.

Doors at 8:15am / Class starts at 8:30am

Cost: $15-25 sliding scale

Please bring water and wear comfortable clothes to move in.

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