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Kat Brady

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Classes & Workshops

Qigong is a Chinese movement, breath, and meditation practice that helps to regulate your body's Qi, harmonize your organs, and open you up to the divine energies of the universe. Kat is certified by the Ling Gui Internation Medical Qigong School to teach the form 1000 Buddha Hands.

1000 Buddha Hands Qigong Series

Kat is teaching the form 1000 Buddha Hands Qigong weekly, online.

1000 Buddha Hands is a meditative, seated Qigong practice in which we slowly transition through different mudras that help us to heal the trauma in our bodies, open our hearts, and connect to the healing guidance around us.

We will begin each class with Qi Massage to open our channels before learning and practicing mudras from 1000 Buddha Hands.

No experience required.

No special clothing required but it is suggested to have a comfortable seat set up, such as a bolster and blanket or yoga mat.

You can drop into any of the classes on their own, or attend all 6 classes for a deeply enriching experience.

Exchange // $10-$20 sliding scale.

Package Pricing: 6 classes for $60!