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Kat Brady

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Acupuncture & Herbalism

Kat thrives at treating the mind, body, and spirit of each patient they see simultaneously. They believe strongly that a compassion driven approach to clinical care is sometimes the most important medicine that a patient needs to feel seen and safe in addressing their health concerns. Kat practices a mixed style of acupuncture drawing upon Applied Channel Theory, TCM, and Japanese meridian therapy styles; adjusting their approach to fit each patient's needs.

Acupuncture Services

Chinese medicine employs a holistic medical model that considers your physical, mental, and spiritual health as equally important facets in understanding your care needs. Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, solid needles into specific points on your body to create a physiological change. Additional modalities may include massage, moxabustion, cupping, gua sha, qigong, sotai exercises, and non-insertive needling.

Initial appointments will include an extended intake to get a complete understanding of your chief concerns and health picture, a treatment including acupuncture and other related modalities, and a treatment plan for continued care. Intake includes an interview of your chief concerns as well as a review of systems, taking of basic vital signs including blood pressure, feeling your pulses to check the state of your qi, and other diagnostic procedures. Your treatment plan will include frequency for follow up appointments, herbal formula recommendations, and dietary and lifestyle advice.

Follow-up treatments are for clients who have received an initial assessment. In each session you will receive a 10-15 minute intake to evaluate your progress and any new concerns before receiving a treatment crafted for your specific needs. Treatments may include acupuncture, massage, herbal recommendations, and other related modalities.

90 Minute New Client Intake + Treatment // $130 - $170 sliding scale

60 Minute Returning Client Treatment // $100 - $130 sliding scale

Kat does not take insurance at this time.

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Japanese Meridian Acupuncture Sessions

Japanese meridian therapy acupuncture focuses on rebalancing your body, mind, and spirit by determining your primary imbalance. Japanese acupuncture typically uses shallow needle insertion with very thin needles and a focus on minimal sensation. Moxibustion, the burning of small amounts of refined mugwort, and non-insertive needles called teishins are also used to help regulate your qi. This treatment will have a very brief verbal intake and focus on using pulse, abdominal, and channel palpation and diagnosis to listen closely to your body's needs.


30 Minute Japanese Acupuncture Treatment // $50 - $65


Herbal Consultation

Herbal consultation sessions are focused on getting a thorough picture of your health and key concerns with the goal of crafting a custom formula for your needs. Chinese herbal medicine is a unique science and art that focuses on how herbs interact with each other and your personal physiology toward the goal of creating balance in your health.


30 Minute Herbal Consultation // $40 - $50 sliding scale

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I Ching Divination

Kat has been studying the I Ching for almost a decade and is constantly awed by the insights this ancient practice offers. The I Ching is one of the oldest recorded divination practices and is infused with ancient Chinese wisdom that reveal the interactions between heaven, earth, and the individual. Kat views divination using the I Ching as a way to tap into the underlying energies of any given moment to reveal the relationship someone has to that moment.

Currently Kat is offering remote readings. You can either receive your reading via email write-up, or via a zoom call. Please note that the reading of the yarrow stalks takes about 20 minutes, and will be done prior to the zoom meeting. You will be able to let Kat know the topic of the reading and any special requests ahead of time. Kat uses the yarrow stalk method of I Ching readings.


I-Ching Email Reading with Yarrow Stalks // $33

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