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Kat Brady

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Kat has been blessed to walk many paths so far in their life. They have shown artwork around the world, managed an award-winning digital branding agency, and played a festival in the middle of a desert to name a few highlights. Each adventure they experience leaves them with lessons for the next and more ideas of how to spread light in this world.

Kat Brady is a Reiki Master, musician, artist, web professional, community organizer, and entrepreneur. They are based in Portland, Oregon where they are pursuing a four-year doctoral degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. They identify as non-binary and use they/them pronouns.

They are a believer in healing the self to heal others and maintain a daily practice which includes Qigong, Reiki self-healing, meditation, and the study of the I Ching. As a healer they promote and help empower others to develop their own self-care practices through offering Reiki attunements, leading Qigong workshops, and organizing interdisciplinary wellness events as a part of Wandering Roots. They work closely with their fiance and fellow Reiki Master, Sarah Rayne, in private client sessions, workshops, and the creation of healing sounds. They seek to promote a culture of healing, community, and joy.

They received their BA in New Media in 2012 from SUNY Purchase in Westchester, New York. By graduation, they had joined Suits & Sandals, a branding communications firm located in Brooklyn, as Partner and CTO. As CTO they helped to create beautiful websites designed to form a human connection with the user. These projects included the design and development of the CLASP website and the Duggal Studios website. In the summer of 2019 they transitioned into the role of board member and advising partner as they pursue their degree in TCM. In addition to their work with Suits & Sandals, Kat also takes on freelance web development and consulting projects.

Previously, Kat has pursued their passion for interactive art by joining Will Pappenheimer on the SkywriteAR series. Will and Kat have shown iterations of SkywriteAR around the world including at the Whitney Museum in NYC and the FACT Museum in Liverpool, England.

Kat has also performed in various bands as a drummer including the psychedelic fusion band Kunk and is working on new music with Sarah to be released in the near future.

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Deer Friends

A musical collaboration with my partner Sarah Rayne that blossomed during the long months of 2020. Our sound blends everything from country to pop to electronic dance music while maintaining a purely acoustic instrumentation. Sounds are created from a wide range of instruments including guitar, cajon, buffalo drum, tongue drum, shruti box, and metalaphone.

We have an album in the works expected out sometime late 2021.

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Suits & Sandals

Suits & Sandals was founded in 2011 as a web design studio. Founders Nick Dank and Miles Roxas, alongside myself as CTO, quickly realized that instead of simply providing services, we could develop and implement true strategies to connect people and solve problems.

Suits & Sandals is a small team that can impact your business in a big way – especially if you’re having trouble with any combination of identifying, engaging, informing, inspiring or retaining your audience.

Please reach out if you think our services can elevate your organization. We specialize in non-profits and NGOs who seek to promote social and environmental justice.

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Kunk is a three-piece fusion band originating in Brooklyn, New York. We're currently on hiatus but have an EP (or 2) in the oven. In the meantime, you may wait patiently for some trippy music here and check out a video reel from an old show below.

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