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Kat Brady

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Dr. Kat Brady, LAc. is a licensed acupuncturist, certified Qigong instructor, herbalist, musician, sound healer, and artist. They approach each of their many pursuits with a deep curiosity, a disciplined work ethic, a healthy sense of silliness, and a desire to always deepen their understanding. In practice, Kat seeks to authentically engage with and empower others, whether they are a soul in need of healing, the viewer of art, or the user of a website.

One Person, Many Lives

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Kat practices a mixed style of acupuncture drawing upon Applied Channel Theory, TCM, and Japanese meridian therapy styles; adjusting their approach to fit each patient's needs.


Qigong is a Chinese movement, breath, and meditation practice that helps to regulate your body's Qi, harmonize your organs, and open you up to the divine energies of the universe.

Web Services

With over a decade of creating websites and apps for organizations big and small, Kat approaches digital consultation with a focus on education and empowerment centered consulting and production services.